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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Apple buys iCloud domain name | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

Apple has indeed acquired the domain name from Sweden-based hybrid cloud computing outfit Xcerion. Sources in position to know confirm that Apple bought the domain as GigaOm first reported Thursday, though they declined to say whether its r…

Yes, Apple Did Buy the Domain – All Things Digital

DailyTechYes, Apple Did Buy the DomainAll Things DigitalApple has indeed acquired the domain name from Sweden-based hybrid cloud computing outfit Xcerion. Sources in position to know confirm that Apple bought the domain as GigaOm …

Turkey forbids ‘forbidden’ from Internet domain names – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

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So stupid it’s funny!
The affect of the decision could see the closure of many website that feature the banned words. For example, the website “” ( because the domain name has “animal” in it,…

Twitter Help Center | Guidelines for Use of the Twitter Trademark

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Ouch, just saw an awesome Twitter related domain drop. I’d had it in my list for ages. Unfortunately it falls outside these TOS, which do make sense. You wouldn’t think of buying a domain with Facebook in it. Twitter felt friendlier …

How One Entrepreneur Used 'Get Rich Click' Tactics To Sell $100 Million In Businesses – with Marc Ostrofsky

I spent about an hour asking Marc Ostrofsky to dissect the strategies and tactics in his book and tell you exactly how you can make money on the Internet. And Marc is a fantastic storyteller who illustrated his points with examples that you will rememb…

We Are All Selling Something – Hopefully! – Namecake

Afterall are we Domain Collectors or Domain traders? Not much point having unsold (though excellent) names in your inventory if you can’t afford to pay your bills. As much as I love domains I am a pragmatist. I figured out a long time ago that my r…

5 Free Tools the Domain Blogs Use to Find “Breaking News” | Domain Shane A fantastic site from that lets you put in any server and see what domains are new, incoming, or outgoing on that server over the past 24 hours.  Mark Monitor is known for securing domains for companies such as Apple.…

Dear Afternic

You are still emailing me lost passwords in plaintext. This just isn’t acceptable.
I contacted you, worked my way through your support team until the manager I spoke to who was supposed to be connected to the dev team asked me what email client I used…

Some Of My Recent Domain Purchases, All PD
I’m a junkie for storm chasing and following the things that mother nature does on a daily bases around the world. From tornado’s to blizzards, hurricane’s to typhoons, people like to share video, pictures and chat about current an…

.CO vs. .Net for Geodomain Names | Elliot's Blog

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A lot of fun stuff in the comments.
That being said, I am wondering your opinion on .CO vs. .net for geodomain names.  This is clearly hypothetical, but would you rather pay more for (currently on auction at Sedo) or like…

What's in a domain name?

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And I suppose when the big offer comes in he’ll turn it over to charity.
But mostly, says Kureluk, when he happened to see the dormant domain name up for sale on the site, he just couldn’t resist the chance to snap it up, an…

Jon Huntsman loses his domain name | The State Column

Former Utah governor seems to have lost control of
The potential Republican presidential candidate’s former website is plastered with a copy of a leaked letter in which the ambassador to China praises President Obama for his appointm…

ICANN | Whois Data Problem Report

Whois Data Problem Reporting System – Single Submission Request

Thank you for visiting the Whois Data Problem Reporting System. This form allows Internet users to submit reports to ICANN-accredited registrars concerning incomplete or inaccurate Who…

Dotster Launches One-Page Instant Website

The simple, modern layout provides open-ended text fields that allow users to edit information that suits their needs. Instant Website features include a custom website title and description for search engines, a variety of color schemes, fully customi…

160x Domain Flip at BrandBucket and One Hard Lesson Learned

I try to stay on top of deleting old sales post content, but it slipped my mind during a recent short-sale and it ended up hurting the bottom-line of the offer at BrandBucket.I received word from a BrandBucket representative that a buyer was “very in… Shuts Down, Domain Name Up For Sale

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A great domain will have increased in value by the time your company fails!
A tipster informs us that is no more and that the domain name will be sold through an auction that ends on August 17, 2011. Interested parties can …

Company buys up 1.7 million 1-800 numbers, uses many for phone sex lines – Boing Boing

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“domain name prospectors”
AP reports that PrimeTel Communications has, for the last 13 years, been buying up every desirable 800 number on the market. They behave not unlike domain name prospectors who do the same with web addresses,…

My First 150x Domain Flip and How I Did It | Morgan Linton

I contacted a total of eight end-users and received three offers. In the end I sold the domain for $1,200 – a domain that I paid $8 for less than a year before. Sure, $1,200 is a lot less than the $5,000 I made with my 50x flip however it’s still a… Sells $635k In Domains Led By For $40k | The Domains

.Com Sales $1k+


24,000 Domains Article Postmortem: Traffic, Revenue, Business Models

I published a post listing 24,000 available brandable domain names that anyone could register a couple days ago.
It was far more successful than I ever imagined receiving over 17,000 page views. Ranking 3rd on HackerNews frontpage and 2nd in a major…