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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Google plans to entice online latecomers

The company would not reveal how much it is prepared to spend on the initiative. It plans to offer the program at least until the end of the year.The company has partnered with, a website that serves up templates to make it easy to create a we… Sells On For $46,000

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That seems wild to me. Must be some serious back end to Mahjong I don’t know about.

Another gaming domain just sold on
Frank Aiello just brokered the domain name for $46,000 for Sedo

Are Trademark Domain Names Really Worth It? |

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Exactly! Let’s pressure the big boys to do the same.
I encourage all domain investors, especially those new to the industry, to stay away from trademark domains. Make sure you do trademark checks. Make sure any domain you are looking…

Spy On Company Domain Names

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This is the kind of stuff that should make Jamie rich someday.
Now that we have that cleared up, what can you spy on with the above mentioned? Today’s search on for
Doing a search today with ns.warne…

Search Engine Rankings | Google Ranking | KeywordEnvy Analytics

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Great new tool. HatTip to

From Our Blog: KeywordEnvy has integrated with Google Analytics!

Track Google search rankings, Bing & Yahoo rankings and traffic.

350 000$ For A Domain Name – Geek WIth Laptop

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410 news articles. In one day. Yes a 41M funding round and a $350k (plus another $150k estimated for seems like an log, but it sure got us talking!
USA Today350 000$ For A Domain NameGeek WIth LaptopHow much can you pay f… Was Acquired For $350,000 (The Domain Name, That Is)

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TechCrunch sourcing Domain Name Wire for this one!
Update: and as Rafat Ali points out in the comments, they also bought, which means they probably spent close to $500,000 for the pair.
Of course, one needs to recognize th…

Facebook Tries To Squash 21 Squatted Domain Names

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Mike Mann says in the comments, “…many of which a machine registered”IMO therein lies the problem. I think there are a lot of machines registering a lot of domains, and without people actually looking into WHY the machine is regist…

Domain Name Wire » News » Octane360 Domain Monetization Review (One Year Later) – The Domain Industry's News Source

As a refresher, the service monetizes geo domain names such as and It creates a site for each domain that has multiple monetization methods: paid monthly listings, lead forms, and pay-per-click. h…

GoDaddy to Secure .COM Names with DNSSEC – PCWorld

DNSSEC is an emerging Internet standard that allows Web sites to verify their domain names and corresponding IP addresses using digital signatures and public-key encryption. DNSSEC prevents Kaminsky-style attacks, where traffic is redirected from a leg…

Domain Name Wire » News » My First Afternic Premium Sale: $6,800 – The Domain Industry's News Source

With Premium Promotion you can list a domain name that you have at, say Moniker, directly in the sales path at other partner registrars such as eNom. When someone searches for the domain name at eNom they can add it to their shopping cart and buy it i…

.XXX Domain Approved: Now Begins The Era Of Meaningless TLDs | ZDNet

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Violet Blue, and domain names, who knew? Personally, I think this will lead to the demise of ICANN.
ICANN Issues A License To Print Money
What’s even more confusing than the utility of a TLD no one wanted, makes no sense and whose …

Inevitable Frag of Domain Name System? – Falkvinge on Infopolicy

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Agreed, inevitable now. But doesn’t that mean more jobs for Homeland Security?
In any case, the countermove is to create a decentralized, uncensorable DNS structure. Brokep has been at it for some time, and others have the tech alrea…

WIPO Results: Typos VS. .CO – Elliot’s Blog (blog)

WIPO Results: Typos VS. .COElliot’s Blog (blog)I want to point out two UDRP filings that were based on the same primary domain name but had different results. The first case involves a .CO domain name that matches an established .com website, and the s…

ICANN approves plans for .xxx domain name – Hostway

TechEyeICANN approves plans for .xxx domain nameHostwayThe International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved plans to introduce .xxx as a new top-level domain name. ICANN's board of directors had a public meeting at Sili…

5 Reasons Why the US Domain Seizures Are Unconstitutional | TorrentFreak

1. The Government Seizes The Domains Without Prior Notice And Hearing.
The Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment guarantees that “[n]o person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Traditionally, thi…

Why Do We Even Have Domain Privacy? | Domain Shane

If I own a domain that I can’t put my personal or company name on, do I really want to own it? The common comparison usually made is between domains and real estate. Last time I checked I can find out who owns any piece of property in the United Stat…

Critics Say XXX Domain Only Creates More Porn – Christian Post

Daily MailCritics Say XXX Domain Only Creates More PornChristian PostOn Friday, the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers voted 9-3 to approve the triple-X domain name during its annual meeting in San Francisco. Thousands of …

A Review of Some of My Latest Domain Purchases | Domain Shane

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Prices would be nice, but it’s great to see what other domainers get excited about. I wanted the name as soon as I saw it.  It reminds me of youth, kids, and fun.  It’s a word we all use and it seems to invoke a smile…

Verizon Files $1.83 Million Lawsuit Against and Trellian For Cybersquatting | Kikabink News – Internet Marketing News

Verizon alleges the defendants used false identities to register, use or provide WHOIS privacy protection for more than 183 domain names that infringed Verizon’s trademarks. These include such domain names as, vewrizonwireless…