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Monthly Archives: December 2010

A Late Great Hit for 2010 — « Epik Blog

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Comments should be controlled by the author: Have you ever made a comment on a blog and then wanted to edit or remove it?  Not so easy. Our view of comments is that a comment made on a site is not really the property of that s…

WebZen comments on I am the guy who owned AMA

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Great story from a Reddit thread.
this is true, I think. I once had a domain name of a rapidly growing company. I registered the domain before they even existed. I registered a corporation in the same name prior to them existing. …

Webbit, do domain-squatters piss you off, or is it just me? : web_design

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Another domain hater thread on Reddit. But a little more insight and awareness than usual.
it’s just a shitty thing to do

Again… why?

He’s just taking up space on the internet


driving up prices

Completely unrelated….

Google Ordered To Divulge Four Search Marketers Identities « DomainNameSales Blog

In the latest twist in a long-running potential class-action lawsuit about Google’s parked domain program, a federal judge has ordered the search company to reveal potentially confidential information about four AdWords advertisers who also are c…

Epik’s 2010 Greatest Hits « Epik Blog

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Busy year for Epik that’s for sure.

Product Portals and eCommerce
As of the end of 2010, Epik operates more than 11,000 custom product portals.  These low-cost ($249 setup) portals have become a leading way for monetizing product c…

Top 100 Domain Tools, Resources and Websites

GoDaddy (Registrar)DomainTools (Domain Lookup & Tools)NameCheap (Registrar)DNSstuff (Domain Tools)BustAName (Domain Finder)Instant Domain Search (Domain Lookup)DomainsBot (Domain Finder) (Hack Finder)NameBoy (Domain Finder)SnapNames (Expiri…

Top 20 .fr Domain Name Sales of 2010 – Domain Name News, The Domain Industry News, ICANN News, Registry News, Domainer News, Domain

2010 was a good year for many extensions. .FR had also a good year with an annual growth rate of 21 percent.The .fr TLD managed to keep a 10 point lead over the average growth rate for other TLDs.

The .FR TLD gains about 300,000 domain names per year …

What Are Your Development Projects? | Elliot's Blog

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Lots of great stuff in the comments.
It would be interesting to know what projects people who read my blog are working on, and perhaps they can get some advice in the comment section and/or generate some ideas.
Some projects I am wor…

Union Twp. man admits stealing, selling internet domain name for $111K |

Daniel Goncalves, 26, of Union Township, pleaded guilty to theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception and computer theft in a case that highlights the lag between law enforcement and computer crimes. In return for Goncalves’ plea, the state Attorne…

How You SHOULD Be Using Namejet (Save Yourself Money!) |

I admit, I made this mistake a few weeks ago.  I was searching the domain names by keyword and I found a domain I wanted.  The end date was a day away and I got lazy and just put my bid in then thinking that I was safe since it was just a day away. …

3 Things NOT To Say In a Domain Sales Letter |

3.  Here’s a link to (insert your favorite online appraisal tool) that shows this domain is worth $8,000.
While we all know the uses and limitations of automated appraisal tools, to an end user that is not apart of the domain industry, it will come…

20 Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2011

These scripts and plugins can enhance your website with powerful new features.1. Job Board – A job board is a simple software solution that functions like a directory and a classifieds system rolled into one. There are numerous solutions for WordPres…

My Top Three Development Mistakes | Morgan Linton

Top Three Domain Development Mistakes

Developing low search volume keyword domains. The very first mistake I made in the Domaining world was just picking domains out of thin air that “sounded” to me like things people would be searching for. I wou…

Patrick Ruddell Launches

Exiting news from Facebook. Congratulations to Patrick Ruddell on his launch!

The WikiLeaks strategy: Bank of America buys up abusive domain names. – Finextra

New York TimesThe WikiLeaks strategy: Bank of America buys up abusive domain names.FinextraAccording to Domain Name Wire, the US bank has been aggressively registering domain names including its board of Directors' and senior executives' names …

Big Coup for .ME Registry with AOL’s About.ME Acquisition | Elliot's Blog

This is pretty big news for the .ME domain registry because it puts a .ME domain name in the spotlight. I don’t think I own a .ME domain name, but I would domain names terms like Love.ME, Find.ME, or Meet.ME would be in higher demand now. Love.ME an…

Web Sites Shut in Piracy Crackdown Dispute Warrant –

But after the seizure warrant used in the operation was released last week, the operators of several of the sites said in interviews that they were innocent of infringement, and criticized the investigation for misrepresenting how their sites worked. …

How I Find Out Who Is Emailing Me to Buy a Domain Name | Elliot's Blog

One very good way to find out who is inquiring is to ask for a phone number. Whether you are comfortable negotiating on the phone or not is up to you, but you can research the phone number ownership on a site like Additionally, if it’…

The Rick Schwartz Domain and Traffic Blog…Home of the "Domain King": My 2840 Hand Registrations in 2010. Most Ever in 1 Year

So I keep playing the “Domain Lottery” whether it is popular or not. I play it because it works for me. In these 2840 domains I only have to sell one to pay for all. One to pay for all for many years. In the meantime I BUY TIME. Time for the univer…

Schilling’s Name Admin & Berryhill Win Another UDRP This Time Beating Visa On: Giving Domainers A Christmas Present | The Domains

“”The Respondent is not a direct competitor of the Complainant in respect of the supply of credit card services seeking to disrupt the Complainant’s business, but is simply operating a pay-per-click website providing links to third party we…