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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Total domain name registrations surpass 200 million

Domain name registrations passed 200 million,according to Verisign’s third quarter Domain Name Industry Brief.Verisign reported 201,8 million domain name registrations.

Domain Names Podcast Episode 22 with Frank Schilling from

Frank Schilling – I am happy to say that my podcast with Frank Schilling from & has been finished and is now live!! I had some issues with my emails not getting through to Frank which delayed the process,…

Recent Action « DomainNameSales

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That’s one day and only to the B’s.
Inquiries for Nov 21, 2010 (Nov 22, 2010)
By sales – Posted in
Domains, Inquiries |
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Moniker Auction Headquarters

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I really want to go to this but my thinking is that if domaining can’t pay for it I have no business being there. Hoping for some luck between now and the conference.
The DOMAINfest Santa Monica Auctions spotlights the best hand-pick…

Outsourcing Experience and Tips with ODesk : Teen Domainer

What makes oDesk different from other outsourcing sites like elance, and rentacoder?
– The test system. oDesk has many different types of tests that applicants can take set up including wordpress, English, email etiquette, call etiquette,…

Will Your Startup Do Better If It’s Easy To Pronounce?

I’m loving all the data coming out of behavioral science. It really does turn out we’re biased towards idiocy. Fortunately, by studying our biases we can keep ourselves from acting on them. A favorite source of fascinating and useful psychological …

Coppers want to shut down 'illegal' websites- The Inquirer

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Watch out you domain scallywags!
UK COPPERS have told the Internet domain name outfit Nominet that they want to take the domain names of “illegal sites” to shut them down.
Nominet said it has received a request from the U…

Keyword Domains Have A Major Impact on Business |

Mike:  How has owning these domains impacted your business?
Christy:  These domains, with the key words they include, have had a major impact on business. Actually I have you to thank for part of that! used to just be … Big Social Network Brandable Million Dollar Domain

Domain Name:
Domain Registrar: Name (Free Push to your Name Account)
Domain Age: 6 Years Old
Registered Until: October 09, 2011
Favvy – Your Favorites Your Addictions
Favvy is a Shortened Word used to say Favorite in Social Media Urban La… Big Entertainment News Unique Brandable Domain

Domain Name:
Domain Registrar: Name (Free Push to your Name Account)
Domain Age: 3 Years Old
Registered Until: October 10, 2011
Fadeway – Where Amazing Things Happen Right Now
Fadeway is a Unique Brandable Big Entertainment News Investme…

Shane’s 100 Domaining Tips #41-50 | Domain Shane

44. List your domains at Godaddy auctions.  You can put any reserve on it you want and it costs nothing to put in the auction so why wouldn’t you?  If you get a couple bids you’d be surprised how much attention a domain will receive if it makes i…

Save the Children recovers domains from scumbag | – Domain Name News & Opinion

Save the Children, which hosts its official web site at, recently won a UDRP complaint for the domains and, which are both parked.
As you might imagine, it was an open-and-shut case.

Metaverse Creates Retail Sales From Underutilized Domain Name Assets |

Metaverse’s first of its kind solution launches a fully featured online store at the domain, sharing 15 to 20% of the product revenue with the domain owner. For example, if you own the name, Metaverse will launch a store which directly o…

eCop – Carrillo’s New Escrow Service

Potentially breaking news here. It looks like Francois Carrillo has just released a new domain escrow service –! This doesn’t look like just any escrow service though, it provides flexibility among multiples parties and mu…

Rupert Murdoch Buys and Domain Names

Domain name purchases come in advance of new make-for-tablet newspaper.
Earlier today news hit the web that News Corp founder Rupert Murdoch is working on a new iNewspaper called “The Daily”. The Daily will be designed for tablets such as the iPad…

Let Me Teach You a Thing Or Two About Domain Sales at, By Sahar Sarid

Who is the buyer?
Contrary to what many believe, who is doing the buying is extremely important. It tells you their ability to pay. If you happen to know who the buyer is and you do not take it into consideration when pricing, you are selling yourself …

Pilipinas – WoW Mali! | The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

With regards to the domain name.  A lot of rules in selecting a domain name was violated by whoever is in charge of this project.  First, in selecting a domain name – the rule is the shorter the better.  If one can limit the domain name to 5 to 6 ch…

The Frager Factor: Rick Schwartz's Pigeon Shit Missile Defense System

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These are some valuable metrics. Frank getting 100 offers a day owning 300,000 domains. Does that mean he’s getting 36,500 inquiries a year? And does that translate into inquiries on 12% of his portfolio a year? In MHB’s case it come… Sold…On TV » DomainConsultant

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Doesn’t take long before people realize the buyers are not interested in the company, they want the domain name.
At that point it becomes a hilarious frenzy to sell and get their money back. As always, The … What Do You Do With It? – Elliot’s Blog (blog) What Do You Do With It?Elliot’s Blog (blog)The domain name has an interesting history and there have been various things on the site. If you owned, how would you develop the domain name? … sells for $13 millionFresh Bu…