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Monthly Archives: October 2010

How We Got Sal ( His Dot Com

I discovered that was registered with Enom. It was parked (the schoolgirl photo with lots of ads) with a link to ‘buy this domain’. That link took me to a site called where I was presented with a ‘make an offer…

Unemployed Entrepreneur Of The Week: 60-Year-Old Loses Job, Creates 12 Websites

“I thought that with the right domain name, whatever creative concept I could come up with could generate some income and maybe even compete against the big guys,” Bernstein told HuffPost.
Since he lacked the technical skills to write all th…

Domain Name Wire » News » Epik Will Be OK, and Current Customers Will Win Big Tomorrow – The Domain Industry's News Source

Epik customers will get a free upgrade to full eCommerce stores.
You might think that today would be a dark day for customers after a number of Epik Product Portals were de-indexed from Google. But after talking to Epik founder Rob Monster mo…

Marijuana Web Names Snapped Up, in Case of Legalization –

Shared by JohnH

Hatip to Elliot.
“How much these things are worth is up to the political winds,” said Michael H. Berkens, editor of, a leading online news source on the domain business.
So far, most marijuana domains are bei… 15,500 $US 34m Estimated end time: Oct/28/10 12:00 PM ESTCurrent Bid: 15,500 $US Reserve met Bids: 12 Domain Language: English 12,500 $US 34m Estimated end time: Oct/28/10 12:00 PM ESTCurrent Bid: 12,500 $US Reserve met Bids: 64 Domain Language: English 9,999 $US 34m Estimated end time: Oct/28/10 12:00 PM ESTCurrent Bid: 9,999 $US Reserve not met Bids: 1 Domain Language: English

IAmA Domain Name Buyer/Seller AMA : IAmA

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Not much you haven’t seen here, but 300+ anonymous comments pretty much sums up the entire domainer hatred spectrum here in this reddit thread.
I’ve lived off my earnings from domain names (and websites) through some of my college an…

Is Comcast A Cybersquatter? A Law Suit Says Yes: The Case Of | The Domains

So according to the court documents went to Comcast to discuss an idea using Fancaster and apperately sold them on the idea and Comcast goes out an immediately registers or acquires the domain to do it themselves.

What a Government Action Site Take-Down Looks Like

Shared by JohnH

Hope you never get one of these.

Sad Saga of Bogus Bidder Nelson Brady Ends With SnapNames Settling Two Lawsuits

Former SnapNames VP Nelson Brady created a world of trouble for his company and himself when he was caught shill bidding in company auctions one year ago. Two lawsuits resulted – one pitting SnapNames against Brady and the other affected customers agai… Is Back!

***Breaking News***
About two hours ago I received a Like request to join a Facebook fan page.
So what does this mean? It means that Bido is back!
I have personally confirmed with an unnamed source that Bido will be coming back soon. In fact, …

A Quintet of 6-Figure Sales Highlight Domain Aftermarket Action Over the Past Two Weeks

The past fortnight has been a good one for
the aftermarket with five six-figure sales reported.
led the pack after changing hands for $379,420 through Moniker/SnapNames. The
runner-up spot went to …

Piracy domain seizure bill gains support | Politics and Law – CNET News

“We feel that this bill addresses the worst of the worst,” MPAA VP Howard Gantman told CNET yesterday. “It’s focused on Web sites that are engaged in promoting illegal activity and there needs to be something done about it.”

The bill, known as COICA … Exact Domain Names Are More Meaningful For SEO Than Anything Else, But It May Change. | The Domains

“Just by itself, exact match is remarkably high in correlation to rankings. ”
“No other on-site/on-page factor we examined even came close.” Sells for $7k at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. – sold for $7,000 in the live auction. I like this domain and think someone got a nice deal. was a big sale from Tuesday, the LLL combo sold for $110,000. sold for $200,000 which was the largest sale fr…

Is Dominaining Putting Your Personal Assets at Risk? |

Mike:  Many people in the domain development and investment industry are part-timers.  That is, most have day jobs and are doing this type of work on the side.  What is the right type of business structure in this circumstance?  Is it important to …

What Kind of Business Entity Do You Operate? | Elliot's Blog

For tax and liability purposes, I operate two different LLCs for my businesses. Each business is its completely separate entity, and I don’t intermingle finances, expenses, or domain names. I maintain separate sets of books and bank accounts for ea…

Is $2000 Too Much To Pay For A Great Startup Domain?

As an example to startups especially, I wanted to highlight this recent auction as an example of the kinds of domains that can be acquired for reasonable prices. If you’re getting ready to launch and are facing the difficult task of finding the right…

Five killer domains I own… looking for technical co-founders. « The Jason Calacanis Weblog

Five killer domains I own… looking for technical co-founders.

Five killers domain I own (and what I paid):
– (5k) (to help in hawaiian)
– (70k) (20 means location on radio)
– (40k) (as in joke….