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Monthly Archives: August 2010

So, where exactly is the money? We found out. « Epik Blog

With more than 5,000 Epik-powered stores live, we now have some decent visibility into which categories make money.  To help domain owners with selecting domains and product categories that monetize, here is a digest of the August CPC numbers by categ…

WHY Why Push It To Auction?

If you take a look at sedo auctions at any given time most of the auction listings only have one bid and the vast majority of them also end up with one single bid – the end user who made a bid and the seller decided to push it to auction.
When you pus…

Domains For SEO- Do They Still Matter? Kelvin Newman’s Take

A fun podcast I never miss is the Internet Marketing Insider from Great insights from the internet marketing trenches featuring Kelvin Newman and Andy White. I borrowed this clip from their recent Want a Sticky Website episode becau…

9 Signs Your Domain Nest Egg May Have Salmonella | Domain Shane

1.  You have to tell people what it could stand for.  If the post offering the domain for sale has a “could stand for” in the title, drop the domain value to almost nothing.
2.  You have a tld that I’ve never heard of.  If I have never heard … Reigns On DN Journal’s Weekly Top 20 Domain Sales Chart After 6-Figure Sale

The new weekly domain sales report is out at The top sale ranks among the year’s 25 biggest to date. Nine country code domains made the all extension leader board and we also saw one of the year’s five biggest non .com gTLD sales this week.

UPDATED: Sells For $1,150,000; Total DomainFest Extended Sales: $1,262,000 just sold at the DomainFest extended auction on for $1,150,000
Its a great domain and can be used for insurance, stocks and other financial markets. shows the domain having over 20K visitors a month…

For Now, Keyword Laden Domain Names Are An Important Part of the SEO Puzzle | Domain Shane

In the last 12 months I’ve taken first place for a non-competitive local small business term with an exact match non-hyphenated keyword domain with one link from its sister site (itself not a strong domain by any means). The site was top ten when lau…

Back to School Special – $0.99 .COM Domains!

Shared by JohnH

use the code SCHOOL99
Register or transfer any available .COM domain for just $0.99!*
Applies to the first year only of new or transfer registrations. This offer may not be used for renewals, bulk registrations, premium domains or…

Why Development Can REDUCE the Resale Value of a Domain | Domaining Tips

It should be clear that you shouldn’t expect more than 6x – 8x monthly rev based on the fundamentals of a mediocre website. But doesn’t having a premium domain help? Of course it can help but a lot of times, you are doing more harm than good by t…

Greed Cost Me a $250 Domain Sale and 3025% Return on My Money : Teen Domainer

In the email I had sent out  listed an Buy It Now price for the domain for $350 which I thought was a fair price considering the number of possible end users. The email from Network Solutions Certified Offer System stated the offer was for $250. I tho…

Rural Technocrat – Web, Technology, Business – My Success!

It has been quite a while since my last post – been a pretty busy summer up here in Ontario. Anyways, over the last couple of months I have only sold a handful of domains, but a good handful of these have been through Francois Carrillo’s BargainDom…

Choice Domain Names Pitched as Investments – PCWorld Business Center

Shared by JohnH

More mainstream reporting. Oversee seem to be leading the charge in that dept.
The domain name aftermarket seems to be a growing one. Another domain name broker, Sedo, has estimated that domain name resales generate about $500 millio…

16 Reasons Why You Aren’t Going to Make Any Money On PPC | Domain Shane

My opinion is that although there is plenty of money to be made, most people will never make much money. In fact, if they analyze the price of the domain plus the time they have in, they would have been better off working at The Gap.
1.  Just because …

A Hump Day This And That From DotWeekly Domain Name Blog

So if you happen to have KNI (Kerrico Names Inc) contact you about a domain, they are very likely buying for a big company! I’m not sure of the email address they use for contact but you can checkout whois data on to have an idea because …

DOMAINfest 2010 NYC Results $1.8M in Sales – updated

Thanks to Frank at DomainNameNews here are the Official Results for DOMAINfest 2010 NYC, which show 17 domains sold for a total of $1,801,900.
Names not sold in the live auction are now being offered in an extended silent auction which ends Wednesday,…

Week 32 in Review – 2010

Our weekly overview of top domain auctions that happened last week on GoDaddy Auctions. Before you proceed to the post please read our disclaimer.
Disclaimer: The information on domain auctions is collected only from GoDaddy Auctions a… Sells,,,, for $1.265 million

Well it looks like one of my picks from the DomainFest auction for tomorrow, was sold tonight. tonight announced that  it successfully brokered,,,, for $1.265 mi…

Domain Names I Recently Sold – August 2010 Update

Here are some domain names I recently sold: – $5,000 – $5,000 – $7,000 – $1,000 – $4,000 – $750 – $1,000…

Week of Low Value Sales Dominated by Sedo

Sedo took 18 of the top 20, and all of the top ten, positions in the
Domain Name Journal sales chart for the week to 25 July, although there
was only one sale above $100,000 for the week. The top sale was,
selling for $110,000.

Startup Social Proof Number One – Your Domain Name!

Marco used credit cards to put 30% down on a $36,000 domain name. Financed at 6%, he used Moniker’s escrow service to purchase – before he even had a product!
Jason Calacanis tells you why it was a smart move in this discussion with l…