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Monthly Archives: July 2010

New Google Advertising Layout With More Links In Ad Domain Name Blog

One, is the “pink” colored background. Not a big change but it is a change from a yellowish color before.
The biggest change is the amount of links in one ad! In the past, just the “title” was clickable (hyperlinked). Now there is at least an option of… – Sound Familiar? |

Sullivan:  Has has owning the domain impacted your business?
Faith:  The domain has been the smartest thing we ever did, I think.  It gives us credibility as a market leader, it’s an easy domain for people to remember, …

7.49$ .Com domain registration

Expires August 30 2010.

What the new .co domain name means for your businessSmall Business Daily News, Blogs, Commentary | Small Business Daily News, Blogs, Commentary

Your takeaway :

Not satisfied with the domain name you currently have? Check and see if the domain name you want is available as a .co extension.
Already have a domain name? Consider protecting your brand by registering your URL with a …

Test Drive a Directory

Test Drive a DirectoryTest Drive a Directory As readers of this blog well know, Epik has developed several platform to cost-effectively create useful and profitable websites for the domain owners. The Epik | Directory platform is used to build out doma…

Guess What I Just Found Out? You Have to Spend Money to Make Money | Domain Shane

You hear me talking constantly of my 5L domains and how I think they have a great risk to return.  I realize that it’s only good for $5 to 10,000 a year.  I couldn’t live on that but fortunately I don’t have to so I can afford to play around wi…

.:: Howard Neu :: Howard Neu's Blog :: The Internet Lawyer ::.

Thus, Courts have framed this as the “who-are-you/what-are-you” test. “A mark answers the buyer’s questions ‘Who are you?’ ‘Where do you come from?’ ‘Who vouches for you?’ But the generic name of the product answers the question …

Entrepreneur Interview with Elliot Silver of |

Elliot is the founder of Top Notch Domains, LLC, which he started as a grad student at NYU. Later, in 2008, he founded Silver Internet Ventures, LLC, an Internet media company that currently has several developed web properties. Elliot also leads the… Alternative To Domain Tool Domain Name Blog is a much better value IMO, since they offer very similar metrics on the most popular feeds of domain names! I don’t know about you, but I would rather pay $18.90 a month than $98.95!
DropDay offers a free 10 day trial without requiring y… Floats Higher with Good Domain Name

Cloud computing company gets more marketing punch with good domain name. VP of Business Development Shannon Williams admits that he wasn’t a huge believer in the power of a generic domain name for marketing. But when the opportunity for hi…

Getting Back To Selling Domain Names! Domain Name Blog

I need to be flipping!
Grant it, you need to know when to hold but I need to start flipping domains and developing the goodies that I am passionate about!
Flipping to me, is different than when I first started domaining. I know a lot more now! eBay buy…

Announcing Geographic .CO Acquisition | Elliot's Blog

I’ve been excited about this for the past few days, and I needed to make sure a few things were in place before announcing it. After reviewing my Founder’s Program application for a web development project, the .CO Registry has awarded my company t…

China’s Popular Search Engine Gets Go Ahead from Judge to Sue

Grant McCool reporting in Reuters: “China’s leading search engine, Baidu Inc, can sue its U.S.-based domain name service provider, Inc, for breach of contract, gross negligence and recklessness related to an attack by hackers, a U.S. judge ruled on Thursday. The January 11 attack prevented Internet users around the world from gaining access to Baidu for five hours and disrupted its operations for two days…”

Read full story: Reuters Sells for $15k+

I noticed this morning in my Domain Closing Auctions report that was up for auction via SEDO…..
After checking out the auction listing, I decided that it would be worth $2k to purchase; the auction was to end around …

Google to Treat .Co as International Domain

Domain won’t be pigeon-holed to just Colombia in search engine’s eyes.
[Update: since some people asked, I successfully confirmed this with Google.]
One of the concerns registrants of .co domain names have voiced is if Google will treat the domain …

Speculating on .CO Domain Names | Elliot's Blog

This is pure speculation. Invest cautiously and invest smartly. Some people who invest heavily may be rewarded very handsomely if .CO becomes more popular than .NET and other extensions. If this doesn’t happen, some people may lose a lot of money.

Your Not Seriously Buying A .co Are You? | Domaining – Expired Domain Names – Expiring Domain Names

Answer 1 – No I am not buying .co
Answer 2 – That’s up to you and your appetite for risk.
The reality is, people make mistakes. We saw it with .mobi .me .asia and other TLDs.
What I’m about to say isn’t going to be popular, but it’s the rea…

Why People Love To Hate .CO…And Why I Love .CO! | Morgan Linton

I bought .CO domains that had high exact-match Local Google search results and high CPCs. I also was able to get a few names that mean a lot to me like and (my Masters Degree is in Computer Engineering). I have no inten…

.CO TLD Domain Development « Epik Blog

The .CO sunrise and landrush has generated a tremendous amount of interest.   One of the main challenges for past TLD launches has been the anemic level of actual development, which ultimately resulted in the irrelevance of the TLD — .ws, cc, .mx,…

195,000 .Co Registrations

Just got an email from the .CO registry, claiming almost 195,000 registrations have been processed through today (194,576 to be exact).
This number is being updated on the registry site from time to time, and includes prior registratio…