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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lead Generation on Targeted Domain Names | Elliot's Blog

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This is in the comments. Great stuff. Will be interesting if Elliot follows up with more lead gen info.
Sucsess in lead generation sites only goes with direct sales to companies buying the leads straight from you. Cut out the middlem…

Epik | Directories: A New Path to Revenue « Epik Blog

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Epik is kicking some butt, don’t you think?
The Epik Product Portals have been a huge hit, with over 1200 portals already in production. For names like, the Epik | Product platform is an excellent way to increase th…

Cogito Optimus » Blog Archive » How we picked the name, “TrenchMice”

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“A couple of other points are that we refused to buy a name from a domain squatter…”The url now directs to a GoDaddy ‘squatter’ page so it’s all kind of ironic now. This links to the cache of the article….

Seth's Blog: The new rules of naming

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From 2005. I wonder what a Seth update 5 years later would have to say.
It quickly became clear, though, that descriptive names were too generic, so the goal was to coin a defensible word that could acquire secondary meaning and that…

Six naming myths to ignore : The Name Inspector

2. A name should be an empty vessel
You’ll hear a lot of marketing people say that a name should be an “empty vessel”. Hardly anyone gives a coherent explanation of the term, though. Here’s a statement taken from the website of Heckler Associat…

Microsites. A Bad Idea Most of the Time. – Nine By Blue

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Huge article full of insights. Check out the comments as well.
So do keyword-rich domains have any value? Maybe. If you are starting a brand new site and can pick any domain name you want, in some cases it may make sense to go with a…

The Name Inspector. Nude. : The Name Inspector

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No business cards required.
Vanessa has found an interesting solution to that problem. She has a blog called Vanessa Fox. Nude. which is found at It does not feature nude photos. It does, however, draw traffic…

The Name Inspector ~ On Names and Naming

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Nice post from a company namer’s perspective.
In any event, no one felt completely happy with Dystyl. It was too gimmicky.
Then we received word from the main investor, Mr. Big, that there was real money available to buy a domain nam…

HOW TO: Pick the Perfect Name for Your Startup

“There’s a spectrum from descriptive names which speak directly to a product benefit or attribute, to empty vessel names, where it doesn’t mean anything about the product that we’re talking about.”Descriptive names, such as Stuff White People…

Another End User Sale Detailed | Elliot's Blog

I am not going to share the names of the two domain sales I made this week to protect the privacy of the buyers, but they were both hand registered within the past 7 days, and they sold for $360 and $400. I have a third domain name, which is related to…

How To Get Rich Online – Book Introduction

I have been thinking about writing a book. It would be called “How To Get Rich Online” and would be a combination of my most interesting blog posts and practical how-to advice for creating money making websites and market them. So far, I wrote the introduction and the epilogue, I just need to write […]

Mexico and the use of ccTLDs | DomainerBlog | Destination Marketing through Geo Domains

In Mexico, however, it’s still a mixed pot, varying from region to region and market segment to market segment. It’s more of a marriage between .com as king and as queen. Additionally, an unusual and strange relative to the king and queen i…

CentralNic's Joe Alagna Details How the Registry Services Providers Utilizes the World's Greatest Collection of 2-Letter .Com Domain Names

a nutshell, CentralNic’s business model
involves selling sub-domains of their
core 2-letter domains, offering third

Why do People Sell Profitable Websites? | Flippa Blog | Buy & Sell Websites

One of our colleagues over at SitePoint recently asked “Why would anyone sell a profitable website, wouldn’t you just hang on to it and keep collecting the funds?” Admittedly, I asked myself the same question when I first started at Flippa, and i…

Domain Consultant | Domain Consulting Services | Elliot's Blog

Underperforming domain names are also a problem for domain owners. A domain consultant may know where the best place is to park specific types of domain names, and the consultant may be able to help you better optimize your landing page. Some domain co…

Week 20 in Review – 2010

Our weekly overview of top domain auctions that happened last week on GoDaddy Auctions. Before you proceed to the post please read our disclaimer.
Disclaimer: The information on domain auctions is collected only from GoDaddy Auctions a… – My Experience

It has been approximately a month, but I have finally sold my first domain through! Sure, the sale was only for $60, but this represented over a 200% return on investment. When it comes to completing the transaction,…

A Domain Just Like Mom Used to Make |

Today’s keyword domain interview is with Stan Sandberg, co-founder of, LLC was formed in 2009 and the launch of the e-commerce website was in early 2010. is a  relatively new player with big plans to b…

Inside AdSense: The AdSense revenue share

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Wonder what the rev share is for Adsense for Domains. HatTip to for the story lead.
AdSense for content publishers, who make up the vast majority of our AdSense publishers, earn a 68% revenue share worldwide. This …

Are you Selling your Domains or Waiting for your Domains to Sell? | Morgan Linton

This is where I find most new Domainers get turned-off. For some reason they think that selling domains means buying something that sounds catchy and then – boom – the offers will start coming-in. That’s not how it works – if you want to make m…