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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Naming Your Company – A Venture Capitalist Tells You How

Mark Suster is a 2x entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist. He joined GRP Partners in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company to He focuses on early-stage technology companies. He is also the host of This Week In Venture…

What I learned about SEO « Epik Blog

A case study that is taking shape right now on the product portals network is Kenny Hartog’s  Last night, Kenny’s site moved from page 2 of Google’s SERP to #8 on Page 1. His traffic doubled overnight, including a tripling of …

12 Useful Browser Bookmarklets For Domain Name and SEO Research

Shared by JohnH

Nice collection. Links above to full list.
Bookmarklet: DomainTools (Drag & Drop link to your toolbar)
Description: Redirects to WHOIS lookup for the registrant of the domain you are currently browsing. This includes such informa…

Location, Location, Location – The Morgan Schwartz case study « Epik Blog

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More great stuff in the comments too.
What I have learned from this exercise?  Two things in particular: (1) Domainers have acquired a tremendous amount of crap domains, and (2) Domainers spend far too much time obsessing about the …

Domain Name Wire » News » Sells for $315k, Business.TV Sale Completed – The Domain Industry's News Source

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Links above to full list.
Also very peculiar this week is a series of sales with numbers substituted for letters, similar to how personalized license plates are often done. sold for $16,000, sold for 15,000 GBP, a…

How was Built then Sold for $250k | Flippa Blog | Buy & Sell Websites

We recently caught up with Tyson Quick, founder of, and asked him a few questions about his record sale on Flippa. The Retweet website sold in early March 2010 for $250,000.

Tell us about the Retweet website sale.
We’ve only sold Retw…

Drop Day, The Free Dropping Domains Screener, Steps it Up

We all love going after dropping domains.  It shows in the final bids that they are some of the most sought after domains in our industry.  We’re all willing to pay money for domain drop analyzers and other than Patrick’s GoDrops, I think I can get everything with now that they’ve added new data […]

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Saturday’s Top 10 Funny Domain Quotes | Domain Shane

4. “Arriving at the real value of a domain is like a blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black dog – that just might not be there…”

Review: WhyPark | F5 Domains

I’m very impressed at the bulk add feature available. I punched in about 20 domain names I wanted to set up as a test, and about 18 of them came out without any further editing needed. It even set all the domains to be for sale at the correct prices,…

Playing to Win: How Hallpass Media's Bill Karamouzis is Cooking Up an Online Gaming Empire

Until now, the hard-working Karamouzis
and his company, Hallpass
Media, have somehow managed to fly under most
people in this industry’s radar, even though he has spent

Auctions, Auctions, Auctions: 11 Major Domain Auctions Coming At You Over 30 Days Starting Next Week | The Domains

Shared by JohnH

Links above to full list.
I’m not sure there have ever been more major domain auctions in a 4 week period.
No less than 11 Major auctions will be held starting next week, through the end of May.
We will be writing about each of the… Relaunches and Adds Paid Membership | Domain Name News

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Congratulations Jason and Chef Patrick!

Just in time for today’s drop, Jason Cupp and Patrick Ruddell have just relaunched the website. After some beta-testing, the site introduces a premium member…

Latonas One Day Auctions Bringing Quick Liquidity to Market | Elliot's Blog

When a seller opts to list 50+ domain names in a single auction with basically no reserve price, they must have confidence in the venue. If interested buyers aren’t present or a technical glitch prevents people from bidding, it can end in disaster fo… Beat the Biggest Prize(.com) For Top Sale of the Week topped the Domain Name Journal weekly listing of reported sales for the week to March 28, selling for $725,000. It well and truly bear ($100,000) into second place with no other sales to break the six-figure mark.
The top four sales…

Hand Reg To First Page on Google In 10 Days! Domain Name Blog

What a title that is! It is like a dream really for many people who create a website or are offering some BS eBook. Create the site and with ZERO advertising and NO “link building” and BOOM, page 1 of Google for the keywords I was focusing on. No “quot…

Results of the Latonas / Edwin Hayward Auction | Domain Name News

Shared by JohnH

Links to full list.
Here are the unofficial results of the Latonas/Edwin Hayward $1 reserve auction. 80 domains were sold for a total of $27,625 USD.
$1,850.00’s “City in The Box” Platform Part of Major Development/Marketing Deal | Elliot's Blog

I’ve known about these plans for several weeks, and I am happy to share the press release from Fred Mercaldo and his team at, who have been working hard to make this a reality. This puts Fred and his company at the forefront of the geo…

Using DNS To Find Pre-Release NameJet Domains Domain Name Blog

Another way to find specific domain names is to track them via DNS (domain name servers). Many domain name registrars convert expired domain names to specific DNS when a domain name expires and there are a couple tools available that track domain names… On Its Way To Selling Half A Billion Diapers, Raises $20 Million Debt Round

Shared by JohnH

HatTip to The Frager Factor
“This year we will sell half a billion diapers,” Marc Lore, the CEO of tells me. That is a hell of a lot of diapers. In fact Lore believes sells four times as many diapers as …

Your Reality vs. Reality | Domain Shane

Too many domain owners think they have a domain that is worth much more than the real value and kill their ability to make a sale. Other sellers settle for lower prices than could be achieved because they are either content nor can they comprehend th…