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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Old Domain, Old Design, Old Script, Renewed Passion

Several years ago, 2004 to be exact I found myself developing websites like crazy.  At this time I was a domainer, but I was not a complete domainer.  The projects I worked on would fall by the waste side and I would just move onto the next one.  Th…

Most Popular Articles on DNN for January 2010

Here is a ranking of our most popular articles this January:

Targeted TRAFFIC Las Vegas 2010 Live Auction Results
DomainFest Global’s Premium Live Domain Auction Results Parent Seeks Bankruptcy Protection to Go Publ…

Simply Geo – The official geo domain industry blog.

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Interview with Steve Morales and Skip Hoagland on developing and monetizing geo domain names.
This is a topic that we have received several of questions about throughout the years. Now readers may be able to learn a few tips from thi…

Helpful Domain Name Resources Domain Name Blog

The following resources are topics that I have covered here on specifically about Domain Names but all placed in one spot with descriptive titles that may match a question you have about domain names or help with understanding something y…

Taking Business to the Next Level | Impulse Communications Corp.: Domain Names and Making Money Online: Domain Names and Making Money Online

One of the biggest problems in running an Internet business seems to be in taking it to the next level. By that I mean that many sites eventually get to the point where they make some money, but profits and sales level off, and the owner can’t figure…

10 Tips To Help You Survive A Domaining Conference | Domain Shane

People who aren’t in the know about domaining conferences think it’s a bunch of web geeks that get together and trade domains and then go back to the hotel room at 8 and call their mother. It’s not quite like that, although I may have called my …

Live DomainFest Auction Nets $930K | The Domains

The live domain auction from Domainfest just closed with a total of $931,300 in sales by my count. lead the way with $215K.
Here are the unofficial results:




gTLD Delays Imminent

The Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) has asked ICANN to postpone a decision on the “Expressions of Interest” (EOI) process for new gTLDs until after the ICANN Nairobi Meeting, which begins on March 7, 2010.

The news was first reported by Do…

DOMAINfest Global – Day Two

The keynote started at 11AM and featured Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. Tony said that the key to running a successful business is having a good company culture and making customer satisfaction paramount.

Zappos runs their warehouse 24-hours a day whi…

Republican Sends Traffic To Opponents Web Site

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Interesting, look for link typos, buy the domain and point it where you will!
NBC (LA) is reporting that the website of Rep. John Campbell has been redirecting traffic for the last 3-4 months to his opponent, Beth Krom.
A typo on Cam… Charged My Customer 3%

I often use to handle a domain name transaction even when I am already in contact with the interested party because they (sedo) handle the payment and assist with the transfer of the domain name into the buyers account. Payment is a risky deal with virtual products and I would rather pay Sedo 10% […]

GoDaddy Auctions Recently Sold Domain Names

Domain sales are the bread and butter of the domaining industry and the more data for buyers and sellers to see is a good thing. I recently spotted a page on GoDaddy Auctions where they list recent domain name sales in the last 30 days from their auct… : Proof Domain Names Are Important! Domain Name Blog

Apple® launched it’s iPad today and just so happens NOT to own the matching product domain name . Many people seem to think that owning the matching domain name isn’t that big of a deal? It is!

Well that image above, shortly after the la…

KnowEm Username Check – Secure your Brand or Online Identity on Social Media

Search over 350 popular social media networks to instantly secure yourbrand across the social web.

What is this?

KnowEm allows you to check for… New Millionaire About to be Minted Courtesy of Apple?

After considerable speculation and discussion, Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple iPad today in a press conference that received much fanfare. The iPad is a device that is a new category of computing systems that bridges the gap between the iPhone sma…

IDNs: The Next Horizon for GeoDomain Investors

by Aaron Krawitz, Gary Males & Patrick Carleton
[Editor’s note: this is a guest article about the potential of IDN geo domain names.]
We’ve long been believers in GeoDomains and continue to be on the lookout for new and lucrative niches, which i…

CENTR Video on How the DNS Works

CENTR, the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries, has produced a video to help explain the functioning of the Domain Name System (DNS).
The video, 2 minutes 20 seconds in length, is available below:

<object width=…

Advice On Making An Offer For a Domain Name Domain Name Blog

I know it sounds silly, but IMO you are much better off making your offer with about the highest you are willing to pay from the start. If you are willing to offer $1,500 for a domain name but figure you can get in for cheap and make $150 offer, you ma…

Domain Name Wire » News » Live from DOMAINfest: PitchFest Part 1 – The Domain Industry's News Source

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Don’t like the looks of this.
Samantha Frida from VeriSign – discussed VeriSign’s pending delete DNS traffic report. VeriSign releases reports on all DNS traffic for domains in pending delete status to registrars. Since VeriSig…

No/Low Reserve DomainFest Auction Nets $153K

The No/Reserve live auction from Domainfest just concluded with a total of $152,750 in sales. lead the way tied with at $12K each.
Here is the full list of domains that sold: