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Monthly Archives: December 2009 Raises Prices On Expired Firesale Domains auctions off expired domain names using it’s in-house auction service at . Domain names that get bids during a 10 day auction end up going to the winner about 7 days after the auction ends after payment is made. During that 7 days, there still is a chance that the past owner can […]

How to Respond to a Domain Offer: My Approach @ IDN Blog

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I wonder what the domain Apple acquired was.
How should you respond to an email offer for one of your domains? Do you go for the hard sell or for the easy sell? Let’s examine each.The hard sell: If you repeatedly say “no thank …

.Com GeoDomain and 8 ccTLDs Dominate DN Journal’s Weekly Domain Sales Chart 

The new weekly domain sales report is out at A nice .com geodomain set the pace with four ccTLDs rounding out the first five. The country codes went on to take eight places on the all-extension Top 20 chart and a dozen country codes cracked the five-figure mark.

Collusion on Drop Auction Bidding

During the past year, a few people have mentioned that they received emails from other bidders competing on domain auctions, although primarily involving drop auctions. The competing bidders reached out in an attempt to thwart their bidding, to keep th…

GoDaddy iPhone App Gets Major Upgrade

In its first release, the GoDaddy iPhone app amounted to little more than a way to search for available domains (which doesn't necessitate an app at all) and buy them. But GoDaddy has turned out an upgrade, with much-needed account management capabilities.

The new app lets you log in and manage DNS, domain forwarding and nameservers, and…

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A Quick And Easy Way to Check For Pagerank Fraud Without a Special Site

I’m always surprised how many people bid good money on sites that have obvious PR fraud.  It’s easy to make your site appear to have a better pagerank than it does but it’s even easier than that to check it.  You don’t have to go to some page…

A Whole Nickel. Gotta Love Domain Parking

That’s how much money many of my domains have been making a day lately.  They used to return dollars.  I’ve never been one to complain about parking revenue, I’ll take what I can get.  But at a nickel a day, I think my days of making good mone…

Another GoDaddy Coupon Code – .info domains with free private whois – $0.49 each

Well, here’s another GoDaddy coupon code!
GoDaddy will allow you to register .info domain names for $0.49 EACH and that includes  free private who-is for a whole year. The catch? You have to have FIVE of these in your cart to see them at this price (not that bad of a catch though, eh?). If you […]

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One Challenge Accepted.

It’s hard to imagine a name that could fit our industry better than I’m sure we’ve all reached out to the current owners at least once inquiring about it.
Today, I’m proud to announce that I’ve just secured the brokerage agreement on our own category killer,  This is in response to my challenge post […]

Finally A Well Reasoned WIPO Decision Denys The Complaint Of A Trademark Holder Against a Domainer | The Domains

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Panel recognizes the right of an individual to earn revenues through buying selling and parking domains.
by MHB “”All year, we have been citing WIPO decision for being inconsistent and blatantly unfair to domain holders….

Definition of a Category Killer Domain

In an article I wrote about yesterday, I mentioned that it was a category killer domain name and a couple of people commented that it wasn’t. Just like in the National Football League, I am doing an instant replay review, and the call is ove…

174 Unreported Domain Sales From 2005 – 2009 | – Domainer Blog

Hi Everybody !One of the best thread in is The Report Domain Name Sales Here, the thread started back in 2005 by NamePros founder and since then, different users are posting their domain sales there.I decided to try and dig some private…

Inane Domain Names –

I’m starting a collection of inane domain names. will resolve to this page on the blog. If it generates enough interest I’ll move it to it’s own site at some point. Please send me your favorite Inane Domain Names (and why you…

The Risks of Buying a Company

I have bought around a hundred websites over the past few years, but I have never bought any companies, and here’s why. When you buy an entire company instead of just buying their assets (like their website), you are exposed to all of their potential liabilities. A good example of this happened recently with, […]

CircleID: “End All Domain Auction Sites” So The “Speculators” Don’t Get Them (That’s You) | The Domains

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I’m used to seeing good stuff coming out of CircleID. Michael Berkens calls our attention to and unpacks Alex Tajirian’s article.
“Moreover, the industry can impose a speculation tax to deter such activity with secondary markets in…

Amazon Affiliate Program Not My 1st Choice

I know many people use the Amazon affiliate program on their mini sites and it works alright, but on my sites it has not done nearly as well as eBay Partner Network.
The great thing about the amazon affiliate program is that everyone trusts and knows amazon. They also have almost every product known to man and even some more.
The bad part […]

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The Sky is Bright for Domain Owners Who Diversified – Part 3 – "Going to the Dogs" Isn't  a Bad Thing When it Comes to Development

We both believe that your best chance for development success  is to 1) find an underserved niche market so you won’t be smothered by well financed and firmly entrench…

I Am an Internet Pioneer And I Didn’t Even Know It | Domain Shane

I was completely cognisant of web names and their value in the mid 90’s.  I could see what could be done but there was one problem.  Money.  I didn’t have any.  I had just started a business and had to use every penny to get it started.  I did… Loses MelbourneIT Expired Domains has lost the expiring domain names from the MelbourneIT domain registrar and currently does not have any providers of expired domain names to auction off. I had wrote on Nov 6th that Afternic Auction Needs Help and clearly losing the only provider of expired domain names they had doesn’t help!
Tucows had a very brief […]

8 Unusual Ways I’ve Used to Promote Our Websites/Domains | Domain Shane

Shared by JohnH

Nice thinking outside the box.
I got the idea for this article after reading Bruce’s article on Advertising Fail and receiving the fine Christmas gift from Rick Latona. As a brick and mortar business owner AND a domain owner I ofte…